Artist Collaboration

It has been an honor for us to have had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists, crossing many different genres, over the years. We have several options available to suit the needs of every artist. Whether you need stellar drums for your album, or need just a little extra to get over a case of writer’s block, Burningsound is happy to help! See below for a light overview about how to get started. Naturally, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us!

What do you mean by collaboration?

Say your songs have been written, but you need some world class drums on your tracks. Maybe you feel like your album is missing that little extra something and you feel Ivan’s expertise in percussion could give you the edge you need? Perhaps you have recorded your tracks already, but you need someone to add some flair? If any of these sounds like you, here’s what you do.

How it works….

-Simply fill out the contact form and outline your wishes and thoughts for your project.

-Ivan will review your request and either invite you to the studio, or in the case of Virtual Sessions, schedule an initial consult with you via the interwebs.

-You and Ivan will discuss ideas, package options, and agreement terms.

-Then, at this point, there will probably be some exchanging of groove tracks, songs, jam sessions, more ideas, and laughs.

-Once tracks have been decided, recording will commence.

-After recording is complete, reviews and revisions are done. Not to mention edits….Oh, the edits….mastering, etc.

-Amazingly, after all of that, you now have a final product! Hooray!

See, that wasn’t so bad, right?

We know that every artist is different, so some of these steps may not apply to you. Or, conversely, you may need more than what is listed here. Each consult is designed to custom tailor our services to fit your needs, not the other way around. For premium professional service, contact us today!



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